Slow Cooked Keto

$10.006 box ( bars/box)

A digital cookbook with resources to help you maintain a low-carb lifestyle without missing out on the foods you love.


Sound familiar? Well it's time to set it and forget it! The beauty of the recipes in this digital cookbook is that they take only a few minutes to toss into the slow cooker. Hours later, you'll have an incredibly delicious and tender meal for the whole family. Save time without sacrificing on nutrition!

Fall back in love with fat!

By now, you know having healthy fats in your diet is extremely beneficial. After years of being sold low-fat products, it can be hard to reintroduce healthy fats in a tasty manner. We've got you covered with this digital cookbook. Every recipe is packed with good fats to fuel your day and kill cravings.

Here's Why Slow Cookers Rock!

Slow cookers have the magical ability of turning cheap cuts of meat into some of the most tender and delicious meals you've ever had. That means you're saving money without sacrificing on taste. 

Do I need a bunch of fancy stuff to make these?

Nope! We use the simplest of ingredients. Nearly everything used throughout this book can be found at your local grocery store. We might even use some things you've always seen at the grocery store but never knew how to prepare like lamb shanks and oxtails!

How often do you find yourself in this situation?

You're super busy at work, you've got to pick the kids up from soccer practice and you'd like to have a healthy meal waiting for them at home. Life can be a balancing act and Slow-Cooked Keto is here to help.

Just take a few minutes to load up your slow cooker in the morning or on the weekend and you're all set. You've got a healthy dinner that you can feel good about feeding your family. 

So, what do you get?

  • Over 20 delicious low-carb, high-fat recipes. Most of the recipes are filling dinners that are suited for the whole family. We decided to sneak a few desserts in as well...we couldn't help ourselves.
  • Every recipe is suited for a ketogenic lifestyle - Gluten-free,  sugar-free.
  • Photos for every single recipe (never buy a book without this! How do you know the author even made the recipe?)
  • Every recipe takes less than 10 minutes of active cooking time. (Set it and forget it!)
  • Nutritional breakdown for every recipe - Fat, protein, carbs, fiber and net carbs.
  • An instant interactive download of Slow-Cooked Keto which was built for display on phones, tablets, desktops and is printer-friendly.