5 Reasons You Should Try Keto Now!

1. You Can Lose Weight Fast 
Low-carb diets work to rid your body of excess water which can lower insulin levels and make you lose weight rapidly.

When your body enters the state of Ketosis your body burns more calories by turning stored fat into energy. 

2. You Can Stop Feeling as Hungry 
When you fill up on proteins and good fats, you may notice yourself reaching for those empty calories much less.  
While on Keto, it might not even feel like you’re on a diet because you’ll be fuller for longer and eat fewer calories that way. 
    3. You Can Reduce Your Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure 
    The keto diet is known to be helpful to those who have diabetes because it can help lower blood sugar levels.  
    Eating less carbs may also lower blood pressure and potentially reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. 
      4. Your Skin Might Thank You 
      Certain types of acne are related to diet and blood sugar levels. High-carb foods can mess with your stomach and blood sugar, causing acne. 
      The keto diet is also known to be anti-inflammatory which can be super helpful for skin health. 
        5. You Can Feel More Energetic and Better-Rested 
        Remember that feeling after eating a huge meal when you can’t help but feel lazy and need a nap? 

          After a few days on keto, you might notice you don’t have this feeling anymore as your energy levels are up. 

          Studies have also shown that those on keto show better sleep patterns and are even more energetic for the next day. 






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          • I have two weeks on keto diet

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