BACK ON TRACK WITH KETO KRISP Part 2: Excuses Don’t Burn Fat


Whether you’re brand-new to the keto lifestyle or going back to keto after a break, that first step can be a doozy. You already know about (and perhaps have experienced) the many benefits of keto. But somehow you’re still finding it hard to get over that getting-started hump! And, while this is 100% normal—excuses don’t burn fat, friends! So your friends at Keto Krisp have put together five common excuses that might be keeping you from living your best life...along with a few of our favorite keto shortcuts to help you get back on track quickly.

  1. I’m too busy for the keto lifestyle

We hear this one a lot, and we get it—it’s a solid all-purpose excuse! But when you really break down all the hours in your week and how you spend them, it doesn’t actually hold up. You have to eat, and making healthy keto meals doesn’t take all that much more time than preparing what you’re eating now.

We talk about this at Keto Krisp HQ a lot, and the thing most likely to trip *us* up is planning ahead. If you don’t have any idea what you’re going to make for your next meal, it’s much easier to reach for something that doesn’t support your keto goals. That’s why having a thought-out weekly keto meal plan is one of our favorite keto shortcuts! We’re big fans of doing a massive weekend shop and keto meal-prep session—but if that feels like too much work as you’re easing back in, use this simple chart as a guide for what to buy (or not).






Fish and seafood
Non-Starchy Veggies (above ground)
Natural Fats (butter, olive oil, coconut oil)

Meats (organic and unprocessed are best)

Soda and Candy
Fruits and Juices
Beer and Mixed Drinks

Potatoes and Starchy Veggies

Bread and other baked goods


  1. I get discouraged when I don’t see results. 

That’s just human nature! But lucky for you, the keto lifestyle is known for supporting efficient weight loss. Unlike the CICO (calories in, calories out) approach, which fosters gradual results by decreasing the caloric volume of food you’re consuming, the keto lifestyle is actually retraining your body to burn fat for energy. The shift of getting into ketosis takes place at the cellular level, and once you’ve made it, your body becomes a fat-burning machine!

Even better: studies show that combining intermittent fasting with the keto lifestyle can help to further accelerate your results—particularly if you’re going back to keto after a break. This is because fasting serves as a natural boost to the chemical processes of ketosis. When your insulin levels and glycogen stores decrease, your body will naturally start burning fat for fuel.

  1. I don’t have the energy right now. 

WE FEEL YOU. This year has been weird as heck! Everyone’s got more uncertainty and less Vitamin D than they’re used to—and frankly, it’s exhausting. But you know what gives *us* more energy? The keto lifestyle! When we clean up our eating with healthy keto meals and start shedding those unwanted pounds, we tend to start feeling livelier and more energetic. 
Another keto hack we love: regular morning exercise. Not everyone is a morning person, and there are those among us who had a few false starts before this routine stuck. But if you’re interested in boosting your energy while on jump-starting ketosis, take note! Studies show that morning exercise burns more fat, forms healthier habits and helps you maintain consistently higher levels of energy throughout the day. Start small if you must...but please DO start.

4. I don’t want to deny myself in times of uncertainty.

  • Listen, nobody’s saying carbs aren’t delicious and comforting. They are! We’re just saying that they feel this way NOW because your body is used to needing carbs for fuel. Once you get back into ketosis and retrain your body to burn fat for energy, you’ll have science on your side—and those sugar-and-carb cravings will be drastically reduced. It won’t feel like denial!
    And finally, for those times when life is not cooperating with your sit-down-to-a-healthy-meal plans, we recommend keeping some tasty keto-friendly snacks on hand! That’s exactly why we created sweet, crunchy-chewy Keto Krisp bars—to satisfy those sugar cravings without sending you into a backslide. Made with premium coconut and nut butters, MCT oil, whey protein isolate krisps and other wholesome ingredients, our keto-friendly protein bars have next-to-no net carbs—along with the perfect balance of healthy protein and good fats.

    1. How can I maintain the keto lifestyle when my life has no other boundaries?

      Ah, the classic chicken-or-egg argument! We don’t disagree about the boundaries. Working from home can be BRUTAL, if, like many of us, you’re juggling the responsibilities of being a parent or caretaker. And if you’re an essential worker, all we can say is thank you.

      But for the sake of argument, we’d also like to point out that your nutrition and exercise regimen are two of the only things you can control right now. You may not be able to stop your naked toddler from crashing your Zoom meeting, but you CAN take some baby steps toward regaining some structure in your keto lifestyle. And guess what? If baby steps are all you can manage right now, we think they’re a great way to start! A few less grams of carbs per day. A short walk several times a week. A few more whole foods in your grocery cart. 

    So whattya say...ready to re-commit to a healthier, happier you? Keto Krisp has got you.



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