How To Maintain a Keto Lifestyle

Sticking to a diet is a marathon, not a sprint. You can only see the results you want over the course of months, not days.

Thats why its important to stick to healthy habits for maintaining keto. If youre not prepared, its easy to lose focus and fall back into bad eating habits.

There are many good ways to maintain a keto lifestyle. Some of the best tips include:

  • Educating yourself
  • Getting rid of carbs
  • Planning your meals
  • Getting good sleep and exercise
  • Preparing for social events
  • Enjoying a treat


Educating Yourself

Living on a keto diet creates challenges that most diets dont have. Thats why it is important to do exactly what you are doing right now: educating yourself. This doesnt mean you have to go to the library or get a degree in nutrition. Simply reading blog articles or watching a few informative keto videos can go a long way.

Getting informed will help you understand what keto is and why you are doing it. It will also help you identify the inevitable challenges that come. Plus, it will help you explain to people what keto is and why you are doing it!


Getting Rid of Carbs

 As in, go into your pantry and fridge right now and throw them all out! You cant have carbs on keto. (Well, you can have a very small amount, but the safe thing to do is to get rid of all of them so you wont be tempted to eat more.)

This can be tricky if you live with someone. Talk to your roommate or significant other about your options. They might be willing to set aside separate pantry space, or even try keto themselves. The main reason that people fail to maintain keto is because they give in to cravings. But if there are no temptations around you, this is less likely to happen.


Planning Your Meals

People often quit their diets when they get hungry and dont have any good food options. So they give in and order pizza or donuts.Planning your meals is a great way to prevent this from happening. There are countless recipes and blogs detailing strategies for doing this.

One common strategy is meal prep. With enough containers, you can do all of your cooking for the week and put it in microwaveable containers to eat later. Learning a few keto recipes is crucial for maintaining a keto diet. Most restaurants dont specialize in keto, so you will be cooking most of your meals yourself.


Getting Good Sleep & Exercise

Getting good sleep and exercise is important no matter what, but on keto it takes on extra significance. Switching to a new diet is a strain on your body. The best thing to do is to keep your body in excellent shape. Keto can create challenges for sleep. Be prepared for some insomnia and sleep disruption. To combat this, go to sleep early and at a fixed time.

There is no one right way to exercise, so you should do what works best for you. That could mean anything from swimming to weightlifting to just walking around the block for a while.


Preparing For Social Events

Going to a bar or restaurant with friends can be fun, but chances are where you are going isnt exclusively keto. Plus, you wont have your meal prep containers! Thats why you should a plan. One thing you can do is look at the menu online before you go to find the best keto options. You can also ask your server if a dish has carbs, and request changes if possible.

Tell your friends about your diet so they know that you cant eat carbs. Then they will keep your needs in mind, and can think of keto options if they host a party or have you over for dinner.


Enjoying A Treat

Keto restricts your food options, but that doesnt mean you cant enjoy some dessert now and then. There are plenty of keto dessert options! Eating a sweet snack can actually help you stay on keto by letting you address cravings. Abstaining from dessert completely will only make you want it more.

But wait- isnt sugar off limits for keto? How can this work?

Yes, sugar is all carbs and definitely off limits for keto. But there are plenty of alternative sweeteners that don’t contain carbs. Plus, there are alternative flours, like almond flour, that you can use for baking.

There are many recipes online for keto desserts, and involve everything from peanut butter to cream cheese.

You can also eat pre-made, packaged keto desserts. These are a great food to snack on if you are too busy to cook.

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