BACK ON TRACK WITH KETO KRISP Part 5: If Adam Can Surf, You CAN Do Keto

If you’ve been following our blog, you already know that we’re working to be a great resource for healthy keto meals and all kinds of keto inspiration. So now, as we get back on track together, we thought it would be cool to share the story that inspired the Keto Krisp brand—and introduce you to the person who inspires US, every single day: Adam Bremen.

Turns out, the Keto Krisp founder is the ultimate keto success story. Since he began his keto journey nearly 4 years ago, he’s lost an incredible 50 pounds. But while this would be a huge accomplishment, for nearly anyone, it’s just one part of Adam’s victory. Born with cerebral palsy, Adam has used an electric wheelchair since he was five years old. Now, a lot of people would see this as an obstacle, or even an excuse, as they navigate through the various challenges of life. But that’s not how Adam was raised—and it’s definitely not who he is today.

Thanks to the unconditional support of his parents, siblings and friends, Adam never feared failure—and he always challenged himself to try new things. He never hesitated to step outside of his comfort zone. As he says, “Let’s be real! My comfort zone would limit me to sitting in this chair all day, thinking about all the things I can’t do. I’d rather think about what I can do.” 

Growing up, there was nothing Adam loved more than watching his older brother Noah, accomplished athlete, compete in sports. The Bremens were always avid sports fans, and it was understood that Noah was playing for Adam, too. Then, in 2017, a friend encouraged Adam to check out Life Rolls On, the adaptive surfing organization founded by Jesse Billauer.

Through Life Rolls On, Adam got to surf for the first time. On that incredible day, he was blown away by the pure energy and love the volunteers and athletes had for each other. Of course, Noah was there on the sidelines, cheering his brother on—and on that day, their roles were finally reversed. All eyes, especially Noah’s, were on Adam as his surfboard sliced through the glassy water. It was truly an unforgettable day for both of them.

Adam had no idea what a huge impact Life Rolls On would have on his life. But that day in the waves, he realized that if he was in better shape and could improve his mobility, he could participate in more physical activities! So he dedicated himself to health and wellness. He worked with his friend and trainer, Gabe, to design a workout and nutrition regimen that would enable him to lose weight through exercise, like any able-bodied person might.

 Adam and Gabe started working out in the pool, six days a week. They transitioned Adam’s diet (which he describes as “a disaster,” to a healthier and more sustainable keto lifestyle. Since adopting a healthy keto diet, Adam has lost an astounding 50 pounds. “I have never felt better,” he says about the keto lifestyle. “It’s been the best thing I have ever done for myself!”  

And the coolest part? The keto lifestyle gave his career a makeover, too! Inspired by his physical transformation, Adam set out to create the best-tasting keto-friendly snack bar on the market. If you knew Adam personally, you would not be AT ALL surprised that he did it! His sweet, crunchy-chewy Keto Krisp bars satisfy sugar cravings with wholesome ingredients like premium nut butters, MCT oil and whey protein isolate with next-to-no net carbs—while striking the perfect balance of healthy protein and good fats.

And, if you’ve learned anything at all about Adam from this post, this next bit won’t surprise you, either. After learning to surf, losing 50 pounds and creating the world’s hottest keto-friendly snack bar in the space of two years, Adam rounded out 2019 by receiving Life Rolls On’s highest honor: Adaptive Athlete of the Year. As he accepted this award at the organization’s star-studded Night By The Ocean Gala last October, Adam had this to say:

“I view myself as a special person—not because
I sit in a wheelchair, but because of my unbridled
passion for life. Life is full of unexpected events that
can affect your ability to walk. But there’s no physical
disability that can take away your passion to live your
best life! My strength is my laser focus on believing in
what I can do, not what I can't. That mindset has gotten
me here today, and it will take me places tomorrow.”

So, for anyone who’s feeling discouraged about falling off the keto wagon—or maybe even intimidated about hopping on in the first place—you got this! If Adam can surf, you can do keto. Especially with Keto Krisp on your side.

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