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Life Rolls On - Athlete of the Year

Life Rolls On (LRO) is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with various disabilities. Keto Krisp has chosen LRO as its official charity partner and made a pledge to donate 1% of all profits towards the cause. Earlier this month, it was an epic joy to see our co-founder, Adam Bremen, be chosen for LRO’s Athlete of the Year Award. See below a video and text copy of his heartwarming speech. And if you feel you can support this cause in any way at all, please click here to donate. Thank you! 

Click the play button below to see a video of the heartwarming speech (skip to minute 1:31:53) 

Adam Bremen Life Rolls On Speech


Hello, Everyone. 

My name is Adam Bremen, and I’m truly honored an Extremely humbled to be here tonight, on this unforgettable evening, surrounded by great music; Beautiful people and Heartwarming stories, in support of Life Rolls on. 

Every single person here is an inspiration—and every single story deserves to be heard. Life Rolls On is not only about giving A VOICE to these stories—it’s also about turning the page to a new chapter. I’m excited to share my story. 

I was born with cerebral palsy and have used an electric wheelchair since I was 5 years old.  

Now, a lot of people would see this as an obstacle and an excuse to use through life, but that’s not how I was raised—and it’s definitely not who I am today. 

Thanks to the unconditional support of my parents, Barry and Margo, my siblings Noah and Erin, and of course, my wonderful family and friends, my whole life I have challenged myself to try new things and never fear failure.  I have never hesitated to step outside of my comfort zone.  As let's be real, my comfort zone would limit me to sitting in this chair all day thinking about all the things I can’t do rather than what I can do.  I really believe that’s how we grow and get better every day! 

 In 2017, a friend encouraged me to check out Life Rolls On—and I got to surf for the first time. That day was INCREDIBLE. When I got there, I was blown away by the pure energy and LOVE the volunteers and athletes had for each other and the event; even the Spectators were fired up!   

Growing up and even today there was NOTHING more that I LOVED; then watching my OLDER brother Noah compete athletically in sports. As Bremen's were avid sports fans, we have always known he was playing for the 2 of us!!!  Thank god he’s a GREAT athlete. 

On that day in 2017 OUR roles were reversed. After a lifetime of viewing each other in our respective athletic roles, his eyes were finally on me. It was an Indescribable feeling for the two of us and a day we will never forget! 

It hasn’t sunk in that I am being honored tonight; in part for my athletic ability! 

At the time, I had no idea HOW this day would IMPACT me, my family and friends in such a POSITIVE way. Since then, Life Rolls On has been a catalyst to my success.  

I know you are hearing the word inspiration a lot this evening (AS WE SHOULD). I really want the impact of this word to sink in because when I say inspiration tonight, I am referring to my first day of surfing that TRULY MOVED ME TO CHANGE MY LIFE!  

After this day, I realized that IF I was in better shape and could improve my working mobility, it would open doors for me to participate in even more physical activities. It was at this time I made the decision to dedicate myself to health and wellness. I worked with my friend and trainer Gabe to design a workout program that would hopefully enable me to lose weight through exercise, just like any able-bodied person would. 

We workout in the pool six days a week.  

We cleaned up my diet which was a disaster! Now get ready for this…I HAVE NOW LOST 50 POUNDS on a keto based diet...and I have never felt better. It’s been the best thing I have ever done for myself.    

My weight-loss transformation and ongoing fitness journey has been so inspirational to me that I have even re-directed my career. I am proud to say I am the CO FOUNDER of the hottest, best-tasting snack bar on the market, called Keto Krisp.    

I view myself as a special person; and NO, it’s not because I sit in a wheelchair. It’s because of my unbridled passion for life; my love for people, my positive attitude and the belief I have in myself that I can accomplish anything. 

My strength is my attitude to NEVER give up, with a laser focus on always believing in what I can do, not what I can't.  That mindset has gotten me here today; and will take me places tomorrow.  

Some people might look at me and many others in this audience tonight and feel sorry for us because we have a disability. I can understand why you might feel that way, but I would ask——if you have the energy to feel bad for me, then you have the energy to better yourself…or even better, help someone else.  That would be inspirational!!! 

This body...this’s a gift. I NEVER take that for granted. 

Today as I accept this honor with gratitude in my heart, I want to underline that Life Rolls On is an absolute game-changer. This organization deserves your respect, for the sheer breadth of its amazing accomplishments. It deserves your admiration for every person whose life it has touched or transformed. Finally, it deserves and appreciates your generous support so that it can go on changing lives the way it changed mine. 

Jesse, I want to personally thank you and your entire staff for everything you stand for, and for having the passion to change lives. As I look around me tonight, one thing is crystal clear. Life is full of unexpected events that can affect your ability to walk. But there’s no physical disability that can take away your internal passion to chase your dreams and live your best life! That passion is your greatest gift. I encourage you to ride it like a wave!   

 THANKS Everyone! 

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