We’ve said this before, but no matter why you’re starting a keto diet plan—weight loss, chronic illness, general health or something else—being prepared will help you set yourself up for success. As avid followers of the ketogenic lifestyle, we’ve done a lot of exploring in this space, and we’ve found SO many great keto diet resources that have helped us on our own personal journeys. Here you’ll find some of our favorites, from macro calculators and keto recipe roundups to #ketoinspo influencers, and beyond. Every last one of them is FREE, too!

Keto Calculators + Macro Calculators

Before you even make your keto shopping list or hit the store, it’s a good idea to start getting your head around your macros—short for “macronutrients,” this is basically a blueprint for your nutritional intake. While macro tracking isn’t for everyone, it can be exceptionally helpful for keto meal planning and food shopping. Macro tracking also takes a lot of the guesswork out of following the ketogenic lifestyle, and our favorite resource for this is Carb Manager

With a database of more than a million foods, this free app makes it easy to track exactly what you’ve eaten on any given day, and to see how it stacks up against your nutritional or weight loss goals. You can track your weight, measurements and exercise, and even browse more than 350,000 keto recipes. Additional premium services are available for $39.99/year.

Keto Meal Plans + Keto Recipes

When you’re just starting out with the ketogenic lifestyle, individual recipes may not give you enough information—you need to know exactly what to eat to maintain ketosis, and only a detailed keto meal plan can do that. For free keto meal plans, our favorite resource is Diet Doctor, which gives you three easy-peasy-cheesy meals per day, with appetizing photos and step-by-step instructions. We especially like that each dish in the keto meal plan was not only created by licensed nutrition professionals, but was also vetted in an actual test kitchen.

We also like the keto meal plans from IBIH (which stands for “I breathe, I’m hungry”—we can relate!). There’s a 3-Day Keto Kickstart for absolute beginners, as well as a variety of other options for folks at every step of the keto journey. Keto blogger Melissa Sevigny creates and tests all of her own recipes, and also includes shopping lists for each one...super helpful. And for those old-school folks who want to try the ketogenic lifestyle, she has cookbooks too!

Finally, in order to keep your keto meal plan fresh basically forever, here’s an exhaustive list of keto bloggers known for their innovative and delicious recipes. Once you spend a month or so following the ketogenic lifestyle, you’ll start to uncover your own personal favorites.

Inspiration is the Best Keto Resource

If you’re already spending [number redacted] hours a day on Instagram—why not add some amazing keto food porn to your feed? Here are a few of our absolute faves, and why:

@castiron_keto: Loads of delicious one-pan recipes with mouth-watering photography, including some desserts—yes, keto desserts—that will have you loving your keto life.

 @peaceloveandlowcarb: Great all-around keto education and recipe roundup by Kyndra Holley, author of Keto Happy Hour—so you can enjoy a cocktail without blowing it.

 @fooddreamer: All Day I Dream About Food blogger, major carnivore and low-carb evil mastermind cooks up a tantalizing variety of keto meals and treats for you to try.

 @ketokarma: Author Suzanne Ryan lost 100 pounds with the ketogenic lifestyle, and her inspiring account (and tasty recipes) make for one of the best keto resources out there.

 @ketotransformations: Still not convinced that eating cheese and bacon will score you six-pack abs? Check out this incredibly inspiring slim-downs and tone-ups RIGHT NOW.

Bonus Keto Resource: Keto-Friendly Snacks

There’s one more thing you MUST add to your keto resource: Keto Krisp. This healthy, keto-friendly snack quickly satisfies carb and sugar cravings without sending your keto weight loss journey into a backslide. Made with premium coconut and nut butters, MCT oil, whey protein isolate krisps and other wholesome ingredients, our keto-friendly protein bars have next-to-no sugar—along with the perfect balance of healthy protein and good fats to keep your body chugging along in a state of ketosis.




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