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Tips for Better Tasting Keto Food

better tasting keto food

Some of the best tasting dishes in the world are full of carbs. But if you are keto, you cant eat them! So how do you create better tasting keto food?

You actually have several options at your disposal. The laws of cooking apply, with or without carbs. That means you can make fantastic keto meals with very simple ingredients.

Some tips for better tasting keto food include:

  • Adding more salt
  • Adding oil or butter
  • Alternative sweeteners
  • Using many flavors
  • Using many textures
  • Experimenting with spices
  • Fasting


Adding More Salt

Its no secret. Salt makes everything taste better. Except maybe salt itself.

Salt tends to make existing flavors stand out. That means it will make your chicken taste more like chicken, your avocados taste more like avocados, and your butter, more like butter.

Salt is also invaluable on a keto diet for health reasons. Keto tends to cause the body to flush out water more quickly, because it is no longer holding on to carbohydrates. But when it does this, it flushes out salts and electrolytes as well. So adding salt to your meals will help you replenish your supply.


Adding Oil or Butter

The human body loves oil and butter, because they are energy dense and easy to digest. And on the keto diet, they are even more important, because keto makes your body run on fat.

Pretty much everything can be fried or sauteed in butter or oil. But be careful with quality. Low quality fats can clog your arteries and raise cholesterol. You should stick to high quality oils like olive oils, and avoid processed seed oils whenever possible. And definitely cut down on the bacon fat!


Alternative Sweeteners

Although cane sugar is off limits for anyone keto, that doesnt mean you cant enjoy a sweet treat now and then. Just be sure that the sweetness comes from a keto-friendly ingredient.

There are several different alternative sweeteners on the market, including:

  • Stevia
  • Xylitol
  • Monkfruit
  • Splenda

 Note that “alternative” does not mean “artificial”. Stevia and Monkfruit are 100% naturally occurring.

Sweeteners can be added to existing food or drink for flavor (try adding some to your morning coffee!). Or they can be baked into keto-friendly desserts, provided you use carb-free ingredients like almond flour.


Use Many Flavors

Your tongue can sense five flavors (salty, bitter, spicy, sour, and savory). So use them all in your cooking!

 Bland food is really just food that only has one kind of flavor. But adding another flavor to your meals is easy:

  • To add spiciness, sautee some spicy peppers and add the oil to your food.
  • To add sourness, drizzle your dishes with vinegar or lemon juice.
  • For saltiness, just… add salt.


Using Many Textures

Your brain likes foods that have multiple different textures. Crispy, gooey, chewy, crunchy, soft, or brittle.

Creating different textures often comes down to adding ingredients. For example:

  • Add seeds or nuts for crunchiness.
  • Add yogurt for gooiness.
  • Add mozzarella for softness.

Also, you can cook ingredients differently for different textures. Boiled chicken may be soft, but fried chicken can be crispy.


Experiment With Spices

Most of taste is actually smell. Although you can only taste five different flavors, you have thousands of smells to choose from.

Thats where spices come in. You can add them to oils, make stock out of them, or simply dust them over your meal once its ready. Some good choices include:

  • Cardamom
  • Pepper
  • Paprika
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger



Fasting wont make your food itself taste better. But it will make you enjoy the taste more. Over time, your brain gets used to the taste of food, and produces less and less dopamine when you eat. But fasting lets your dopamine receptors take a rest, so when you eat again, they will be stimulated more.

Be careful with fasting, especially on keto. If you have never tried it before, start with a few hours at a time before you attempt a full day fast. Otherwise, your body may not be happy about the change, and can trigger carb cravings, or worse.



Keto dieters are not doomed to bad tasting food. In fact, some of the best tasting foods in the world are perfectly keto friendly: just consider avocados, chicken, or butter.

You dont even have to cook for yourself all the time, either. There are plenty of great tasting keto-friendly pre-made products. Our keto bars, for example, are made using alternative sweeteners, so they will satisfy your sweet tooth without carbs. They come in flavors like Butter & Salt, Chocolate Mint, and Chocolate Raspberry.

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