BRITTNY KING: A can-do attitude is all we need. It acts as a bridge between success and failure

Brittny King is a part lifestyle coach, part self-love advocate, and entirely, positively REAL. She guides women in their journeys toward their happiest, healthiest selves, and it works because she has been through the journey herself. She has felt stuck, uninspired, and devitalized, but she has also made it through to the other side. 

Now, she uses her story and expertise to help propel her clients forward. Her relatability, empathy, and optimism make her more than a coach—she genuinely gets it, because she has been through it herself.  

She uses that awareness to help other women find it for themselves—to look inside, discover and accept who they are at their core, and achieve the life they want.  

She reminds us all to show ourselves some compassion. Be grateful for the small things. Honor what’s in your heart. Do the soul-searching you need, THEN come back to your body. It’s all connected. You have to feed your soul, mind, and body with positive fuel in order to find your happiness.  

Her guided words help us love ourselves, own our happiness, and let our light shine.