Curtis: we all are a work in progress (take your time at it)

 utf-8=As part of our 2nd Annual National CanDo Day, CanDoers have been submitting their CanDo story as part of the #CanDoChallenge.

Here's Curtis Jones' story:

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Curtis (Curt for short). Insta handle is ketoxjunkie (keto junkie (x is silent haha, think hunter x hunter [anime for those that don't know]). I've been on this journey since March 2019. The first year I was all in (no page, no anything, just trusting the process). Created this page Dec 2020 (seems longer) and really happy I finally did. I've gone from 525+ lbs. to 225~ naturally (just keto/low carb with some exercises sprinkled in).I know a lot are worried about loose skin and I'm here to tell you I wouldn't have this any other way. I get on myself for not starting sooner. The loose skin is a part of me and shows how far I have come (badge of honor). It comes with the territory (especially depending on how much you have to lose, your genetics, etc.). Yes, it can be a pain at times, but that would be a block in my mind to not push myself further. For 2022 I'm really looking at the next phase for me which is skin removal surgery (I've made a post similar to this back in April 2021).Just know if you're scared of the unknown you won't take yourself as far as you honestly could. We all are a work in progress (take your time at it). I say all this to say THANK YOU ALL FOR STICKING WITH ME. I LOVE Y'ALL.

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