Erika: My Keto Journey Was About The Mind, Body, & Soul!

By Erika Belle, Founder of Beautiful Girl Gone Keto (BGGK),

I became the BGGK founder after falling in love, with taking care of my body in 2018.  I began my Keto weight loss journey at 355 pounds and a size 24/26.  I initially started a Low Carb Diet (around 376 lbs) before transitioning to Keto on August 1st, 2018. With dedication, commitment, focus and hard work, I naturally lost, over 100 pounds in ten months. Today, standing at 5’10 and a proud size 16/18, I have lost 4 dress sizes and I am striving for more. This process taught me that the journey was about the MIND, BODY & SOUL and that; HAS to be shared! "