Ethan Lipsitz: As long as I'm in this body, I am committed to engaging the universe in actionable, daily love.

Ethan Lipsitz is an artist, podcast host, facilitator, brain cancer survivor and founding love extremist. He believes our collective purpose as a species is to love, even when it's the most challenging thing we can do. Ethan hosts conversations and makes art focused on engaging others in, experiencing, defining and prioritizing actionable love in their daily lives.


Ethan Lipsitz, founder of the Love Extremist podcast, sits down with Adam to share about an important revelation: What is the opposite of extremist hate? As a love extremist, he explains how a love-forward, empathetically engaged approach to conversation can dispel the trickiest misunderstandings we have with one another. In creating a platform for togetherness and personal healing, Ethan has switched up the dialogue on what it means to truly love.

Surviving Brain Cancer & My Hand Painted Porsche 928 - Ethan Lipsitz on Vimeo.