Frank: Consistency and commitment is the key to achieving your goals

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I started keto on 2/10/18. I was 44 years old and 378 pounds. A few weeks prior to starting keto, my doctor had told me that my blood work showed that I was diabetic. She suggested putting me on diabetes medicine but was willing to hold off if I was willing to lose weight. At the time I was giving a low calorie meal delivery plan a try. A few weeks after my appointment someone mentioned keto to me. I wasn’t familiar with it so I did some research. I decided to just dive in and give it a try. I started out simple by cutting out bread, pasta, rice and sugar. I basically did my same eating routine (breakfast, lunch and dinner) but stuck with eating meat, seafood, dairy/cheese, nuts and low carb vegetables.

The first few weeks were hard. I was tired and couldn’t sleep well. But then that changed. I started sleeping better and my energy kicked in. Within 6 months I had reversed my diabetes with my A1C in normal ranges. I had been in pre-diabetic ranges for over 10 years. In addition to reversing diabetes, I’ve lowered my blood pressure and no longer sleep with a CPAP for sleep apnea.

Within 5 months of doing keto, I started doing 16-18 hr intermittent fasting daily in conjunction with keto. This was a natural progression from being fat adapted.

I’m currently down 136 lbs and have the best energy of my life. I exercise daily getting a minimum of 10k steps in per day. I’d like to lose another 11-12 lbs then will decide if I want to do maintenance or lose more.

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Frank, influencer behind @Frankly_Keto, shares his journey through a ketogenic diet. Tune in to hear his experience with fitness, confidence, and overcoming diabetes. He recommends that the beauty of keto is simplicity--successful changes require baby steps and simple habits that keep you in check but not in shock.🏃‍♂️🥑