Grace: gratitude changes you from the inside out.

Grace: CanDo

As part of our 2nd Annual National CanDo Day, CanDoers have been submitting their CanDo story as part of the #CanDoChallenge.

Here's Grace Peters story: 

I can. 
What can you do today, this month, this year? 
I too often look back on what I’ve already accomplished (like amazing Keto weight loss results in 2018-19) and get discouraged because my life has been filled with another pregnancy, stress, mental health problems, physical problems, and lack of motivation since then. I gained the weight back. I’ve been stuck in depression. I’ve been panic attacking. I seem to be in the same place day after day. 
But I can make one change today. I can make a choice to do something differently from yesterday. I can. And so can you. 
Stop thinking about what you can’t do. Make choices on what you CAN do every day.