Jessica: I’m determined to always get across the finish line.

Jessica: CanDo

As part of our 2nd Annual National CanDo Day, CanDoers have been submitting their CanDo story as part of the #CanDoChallenge.

Here's Jessica Styer's story:

My name is Jessica and I am a proud sister in law to my brother in law Bradley. He was born with Cerebral Palsy, which caused him to not be able to walk. You see, one of my favorite sports over the last few years is running. After running a race in Cincinatti and meeting this amazing group with special equipment for people with disabilities, I decided to become an ambassador for them.

In 2020 I ran my first half marathon with my Ainsleys Angels family, and my brother in law, in Baton Rouge Louisiana. It was inspirational to see an entire wave of pink, filled with all types of families and friends who know someone with a disability. When we finished the half marathon, it inspired me to want to run a marathon with my brother.

I am in hopes that with a couple years of training, we will get to run the Marine Core Marathon with our pink family. We Can Do it! 💕