LEYON AZUBUIKE: Give the Best Version of Yourself Each and Every time, and That’s A Win

Inspired by his time as a US Nationals heavyweight competitor and captain of the Temple University football team, Leyon developed the Gloveworx program as a way to teach boxing and athletic performance skills to anyone. This powerful, stress-relieving workout helps people overcome their personal battles and obstacles. After proving his talent as a boxer and a Gloveworx coach, Leyon showcased his elite skills and encouraging personality as a trainer on NBC’s Strong. 

No matter who he’s coaching, whether it’s a professional athlete or a Gloveworx first-timer, Leyon just wants his students to come in and give it their all. “Give the best version of yourself each and every time, and that’s a win.” 

Website: https://www.gloveworx.com/coaches/leyon/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leyon