Rachel: Make a decision for your life and move forward.

Keto Krisp CanDoer Rachel King Rachel King tried every diet under the sun, but still couldn’t find that one shining plan that would help her lose weight... until her doctor introduced her to the keto diet.

Born in New Orleans, the capital of comfort food, Rachel endured criticism for being overweight. After attempting dangerous weight loss schemes, she was left with an unhealthy gut, hair loss, and no progress.

In 2018 her doctor took a chance and recommended the keto diet to solve her liver issues, but it did much more than that, it gave Rachel freedom.

Today she is 100lbs down and has finally found happiness in her own skin. Rachel’s discovered her CanDo moment when she was able to take a flight to her grandchildren without a seatbelt extender or discomfort. With the support from the keto community Rachel continues to witness progress like this every day.

“Make a decision for your life and move forward.” - Rachel King