Almond Protein

Keto Krisp contains 3 types of protein: whey proteinsoy protein, and almond protein

What is Almond Protein? 

Isolated almond protein is a relatively new product. Instead of almond flour, which is essentially just ground up almonds, almond protein has undergone a process to extract just the protein from almonds. As a result, almond protein is extremely high in protein, but it also contains some other vitamins and minerals. 

Almonds, by the way, are technically a species of tree. They are native to Iran, but now grow around the world. When you eat an almond, you are actually eating the pit of the almond trees fruit- just like the pit of a cherry tree, for example. 

Almonds naturally carry a high amount of protein, but almond protein extracts it all and carries much more by weight. Almond protein normally comes as a powder, which you can mix into smoothies, puddings, or drinks. You can also bake it into baked foods. 


Nutrition at a Glance 

Almond protein powder is high in protein and low in calories and carbs. A typical 100g serving contains: 

  • 409 calories 
  • 45g protein 
  • 11g fat 
  • 31g carbs 
  • 13g fiber 
  • 9g sugar 
  • calcium, iron, potassium, and sodium 
  • Vitamin D 

The carbs and sugar are potentially an issue if you are on keto. You should probably use almond protein sparingly, and with other types of protein. 


Health Benefits 

Almond protein powder is overall a little bit less nutritious than raw almonds, because much of the original stuff has been processed away. But it is much higher in protein. If protein is your priority, then almond protein could be the way to go. The main benefits are the benefits of protein in general, including: 

  • Reducing hunger 
  • Increasing energy 
  • Building muscle 


Reducing Hunger 

Protein in any form helps reduce hunger. It takes a long time to digest, meaning your stomach can stay full for longer. Its presence also suppresses ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Almond protein is, well, protein. Eating even small amounts of it can affect your appetite. 


Increasing Energy 

Protein is a high energy macronutrient. It also triggers reactions in the body that increases metabolism and makes you burn calories quicker. Many people notice that they feel alert and energetic after eating protein. 

This effect depends on what else you eat. A cheeseburger might contain a lot of protein in the patty and cheese, but it is still a cheeseburger. It probably contains sauces and other sugary ingredients that spike your blood sugar and leave you feeling weak and tired. 

Almond protein powder, on the other hand, is just straight protein. Its probably not too fun to eat it on its own, but in a healthy smoothie it can give you a lot of energy, fast. 


Building Muscle 

Theres a myth that bodybuilders need to eat tons of meat to get big. There are vegetarian and even vegan bodybuilders. Plants actually contain lots of protein, but the kind of protein they contain is not always easily digestible. 

Almond protein solves this problem by processing the protein out of the almonds first, so that it is more easily absorbed by the body. It may be faster and easier to hit your protein targets using protein powder than by tossing down a dozen chicken breasts. 


Health Risks 

Like all tree nuts, almonds can cause allergic reactions in some people. These reactions range from mild to fatal. Some of the compounds in almonds that cause reactions will make it into almond protein powder. If you experience any sort of swelling, rashes, or hives from consuming almond protein, then you may have an allergy. 


Compared to other forms of protein 

Almond protein powder can be an excellent source of protein. For vegans and vegetarians, it is one of the best options. 

Meat products do have some advantages, however. They contain a different set of nutrients and amino acids. However, they are not as concentrated in protein, meaning you may have to eat a lot more volume to reach your protein goals.  

For example, 100g of chicken breast contains 31g of protein, compared with the 45g of almond protein powder. You could wolf down a protein powder filled smoothie faster than it takes to chew through a chicken breast and a half. 

If you are vegetarian but not vegan, whey protein powder is a great middle option. It is a milk product, but not a meat product. 


How we use almond protein in our products 

We use almond protein in our vegan products as a plant-based source of protein. These products include: 

Take a look at our products for more information. You can see the nutrition facts for each product by clicking View Nutrition Facts”. 


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