Peanut Butter Chocolate Parfait

Peanut Butter Chocolate Keto Parfait

By Recipe Creator, Yaidy (aka Sweet Keto Life)

"Contrary to popular belief, being on the keto diet does not equate to misery and hunger.

It can actually be quite enjoyable, and deeply satisfying, if you know the right recipes.

This keto parfait recipe is an easy yogurt parfait with peanut butter chocolate crunch as a substitute for granola. 

As you know, most store-bought granola are not keto-friendly since they are grain based and include an enormous amount of sugar. 

Granted, ever since keto was introduced to the world, you can now find keto-friendly granola bars. However, for the purposes of this awesome keto parfait dessert, we are going to use a Keto Krisp bar instead.

Which makes our healthy chocolate parfait both satisfying and keto-compliant.

It’s basically a low carb vanilla yogurt with a peanut butter chocolate Keto Krisp layer topped with a drizzle of peanut butter and more delicious peanut butter chocolate crunchy bar.

I can feel my mouth water even with just the thought of this amazing breakfast/dessert.

Keto Krisp Bars

I discovered another keto product that I can’t seem to stop talking about- or thinking about, at that.

Which led me to this keto parfait recipe, and other recipes I have brewing in my mind as of the moment. It’s these delicious Keto Krisp bars.

One particular Keto Krisp that caught my taste buds is their latest flavor in their plant-based collection, which is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk.

It is a decadent combination of rich chocolate and creamy roasted peanuts with a satisfying, krispy base.

Keto Parfait Dessert


The Best Flavor Combination

I paired my newly discovered peanut butter chocolate Keto Krisp with low carb vanilla yogurt.

The texture of this combination reminds me of eating a smooth peanut butter pie with a crunchy chocolate crust.

The low carb vanilla yogurt’s inviting sourness, coupled with the sweet, filling decadence of Keto Krisp makes it a match made in heaven. Since trying this, I found myself making this healthy chocolate parfait my go-to breakfast/ dessert."

Keto Parfait Dessert

Keto Parfait Dessert

So if you’re planning your weekly keto meal and you don’t know what to include for breakfast, give this keto parfait a try.

It’s quick and easy to make, as well as delicious and filling- not to mention keto friendly.

Or maybe you just want to satisfy a sudden craving, or perhaps your sweet tooth.

This creamy, rich-tasting, and perfectly sweet breakfast parfait is just the thing for you.

It’s incredibly quick and simple enough to brighten your day. You won’t need a lot of ingredients either.

This healthy chocolate parfait tastes like a million bucks!





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