CANDO PODCAST EP 10: How Gabriel Climbed to the Top as a Pickle Ball Athlete

Becoming the top 5 pickle ball player in the world and winning the 2021 APP SoCal Classic didn’t happen over night. If you ask Gabriel, he’ll tell you “life is a marathon, and not a sprint”.  

From the age of 4, Gabriel put in work on the courts to build his athleticism, and in the process became passionate about pickle ball and tennis. After years of mastering these sports, he’s turned his attention to develop other athletes’ potential as a pro coach.  

The inclusivity of the pickle ball sport and the love he feels among his niche community motivates Gabriel to overcome adversity, no matter the size. His biggest CanDo moment was pushing his limits during a tournament and ending as one of the top players. But it doesn’t stop there⁠—he applies this lesson he learned from the game to his own life.

We can all learn a little something about persistence from Gabriel.  

“Instead of building a wall overnight, lay a brick everyday.” - Gabriel