CANDO PODCAST EP 12: Investing in Team Building and Culture Feat. Elle De Freitas

You have to take care of your employees to take care of business. Elle De Freitas, the co-founder and CEO of Wonderkind, knows the first thing about developing her team members.

She started her social media, design, content creation, and marketing company almost two years ago and since then Wonderkind has grown to house 25 employees.

Elle learned to nurture her employees from the way she nurtures her body. After researching a variety of diets and taking a liking to ‘better-for-you foods’, she’s understood the importance of health. Since then Wonder Kind has narrowed its focus to working will clients that specialize in wellness food and beverages.

After quitting her sales job to found Wonderkind with over 50 clients per month, Elle knows that she “CanDo” it all.