CanDo Podcast Ep 3: Keto Transformations with Marc Strohmaier

As a C-4 quadriplegic, Marc Strohmaier (aka Maya’s human) has used his time avoiding COVID-19 wisely by launching a webpage/blog (USAbled.com) focused on helping ANYONE overcome obstacles - but is specifically directed at a younger version of himself, and others like him - who will benefit from the wisdom, tips & tricks drawn from first-hand experience Battling the Bullsh*t associated with navigating 30+ years in a wheelchair. With a desire to write & teach, this form of “narrative therapy” has inspired a renewed sense of purpose, leading him to Dominate the Day as an educator and has already lead to some new adventures & experiences - like appearing on the CanDo Podcast!

Marc’s Junior year of high school was upended after a soul-crushing car accident left him in a wheelchair. Following a long period of anger, denial & self-loathing, Marc moved from CA to AZ in 1995, where he re-invented himself at Arizona State University by surrounding himself with an amazing tribe (including Adam), who helped him earn some much-deserved confidence. After graduating from ASU, he went back to school to become a high school football coach & teacher. After some amazing successes on & off the field, a serious health issue threw a wrench in things, but thankfully a strong support system keeps him in the fast-lane on the long road to recovery and he can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.