CANDO PODCAST EP 5: An Eruption of Inspiration with Nina Bersamina

In this episode, we talk to keto personality and lava refugee, Nina. Nina discusses how a volcano erupted in her neighborhood in Hawaii, causing her to flee her home, and how she used that life altering experience as a conduit for change. 🏃‍♀️🏚

She discusses the parallel of the destruction of a eruption and how she overcame obstacles in life including chronic pain, disability, a volatile childhood in which she developed destructive eating habits - and a diabetes diagnosis - and how the culmination of these factors hit a tipping point which propelled her into a desperate need for a lifestyle change. 🍎

She also discusses her family history of diabetes and how she broke the chain while healing her life’s trauma through a ketogenic lifestyle, self discovery, bio hacking and a positive mindset.

Using the destruction as an opportunity for creation, Nina lost 80 pounds and adopted a completely new healthy lifestyle overcoming all odds.

She reminds us that sometimes we have to be torn apart in order to be rebuilt, and how like seeds sometimes we have to be buried in a dark place before we fight our way to the light & bloom.

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