Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

"Keto...dark chocolate almond butter cups! Only 5 simple ingredients using...almond butter bars with no added sugars or hidden carbohydrates. Full of protein and healthy fats! These are the perfect low carb & sugar free snack." - @KetoSweetsLA, Recipe Creator


  1. 2 Keto Krisp Almond Butter bars
  2. 1/2c almond butter 
  3. 1/2c coconut oil 
  4. 2tbs erythritol 
  5. 3/4c sugar free chocolate chips 


  1. Crush up 2 Keto Krisp Almond Butter bars and set aside 
  2. Mix almond butter, melted coconut oil, and erythritol in a bowl 
  3. Line 7 Muffins tins in a pan and sprinkle half the almond butter bar so it layers the bottom 
  4. Pour almond butter mixture and leave in refrigerator until  it hardens 
  5. Melt sugar free chocolate chips and pour into muffins tins. Sprinkle the remaining almond butter bar on top of the chocolate. 
  6. Set in the freezer until it hardens and enjoy! 

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