Holiday-Inspired Low Sugar Yogurt Bowl

Recipe by
 Arash aka @ShredHappens 
"This bowl is for my sweet team. A great way to break things up and do something different than eggs & avocado. You have a ton of options here when it comes to base/toppings, here’s what I used for a delicious combo of creamy, crunchy, and sweet. I also used a broken up Keto Krisp bar which on its own is DELICIOUS and one of my favorite new tries recently. The chocolate one is out of this world." - @ShredHappens



  1. Labneh (or sub for a dairy free alternative) 
  2. Greek Yogurt (or sub for a dairy free alternative) 
  3. Monk Fruit (sugar alternative) 
  4. Rum Extract 
  5. HolidaySpices (i.e. cinnamoncardamom, nutmeg)


  1. Keto Krisp bar (Almond Butter Chocolate Chip was used in this bowl)
  2. Hazelnut Butter
  3. Bee Pollen
  4. Hemp Seeds
  5. Raspberries 


  1. Base: for the base, mix up some labneh & Greek yogurt and mix in some monk fruit sweetener, rum extract, and spices to taste. 
  2. Topping: top it with a Keto Krisp bar, hazelnut butter, bee pollen, hemp seeds, & raspberries. 

What would you add to this? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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