Mint Chocolate Sugar Free Cheesecake Cups

By MyKetoJourney83

  1. Take a Keto Krisp Chocolate Mint bar, crumble it up, and pack it together as a bottom layer 

  2. On top of the Chocolate Mint layer, add a layer of cheesecake filling (note: this cheesecake filling recipes  makes 4 cupcakes, so only use 1/4 mixture for a single cup) 
    • oz cream cheese (Philly Cream Cheese was used) 
    • 3 tbsp heavy whipping cream 
    • 1 1/2 tbsp monk fruit powder (Lakanto was used) 
    • 2 squares 90% chocolate (Lindt 90% excellence bar was used) 

  3. Add an additional Keto Krisp chocolate mint bar layer and an additional cheesecake layer 

  4. Enjoy! 

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  • Learning different ways to eat my keto krisp is 1A…thanks 4 sharing this one 😋

    Marthalucia katz

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